A Survey of Classical and Modern Geometries:  with Computer Activities

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Extra Exercises (8/25/02):

This is a collection of remarks, thoughts, and exercises that could have been included in the original text, had I thought or known of them back then.  The document is split into two pieces -- the remarks and exercises, and the solutions to the exercises.  The latter document is protected with the same password as appears in the Instructors's Solution Manual (see below).

Instructors' Solution Manual (for instructors only):

An instructors' solution manual is available through Prentice Hall.  That manual refers to a (password protected) file, containing Geometers' Sketchpad scripts.  See the preface of the solution manual for the password. This file is compressed and can be unzipped using WinZip or some other zip utility (though I don't know whether the password protection is compatible with other zip utilities).  These scripts will work with a Windows version of Geometers' Sketchpad 3.*.  I do not know if they will work on a Mac.

Some Sketchpad pages:

These are some pages that I constructed a few years ago ('98 or '99?).  I no longer maintain them.  Please note that the first example downloaded might take some time, since a Java applet must be downloaded too.  Subsequent examples will take much less time to download.